What the FOG? Fats, oil and grease are causing blocked drains Sydney

Beneath the bustling streets of Sydney lies a complex network of pipes and sewers. Much of this network was built a long time ago and has been subject to corrosion, cracks and tree root intrusion. In addition to old age, Sydney plumbing is under attack from “FOG” - fats, oil and grease that has been incorrectly disposed of down the sink. FOG is a major cause of blocked drains Sydney.

In Haberfield, Italian nonnas are blocking drains by pouring the oil used to fry veal schnitzel down the sink. Backpackers working in Bondi fish and chip shops are washing greasy dishes without a well maintained grease trap in place. People and businesses all over Sydney are carelessly disposing of FOG, unaware of the damage it can cause.

“It’s prolific. It’s a really big problem,” one plumber told the New York Times. “There are far too many people who don’t understand it’s not a good thing to take a frying pan, after you’re done making chicken cutlets, and pour the grease down the drain,” he said. “It’s mostly innocent people, people who aren’t educated to these facts.”

When fats, oil and grease enter the lines it sticks to the sides of pipes and other debris. The grease then hardens and builds up over time until the pipes becomes completely blocked like an artery.

Blocked drains Sydney can have a catastrophic effect on your your health and home. When pipes become blocked, there is no other place for the water and excrement to go than back up the line. It can come out of the sink, shower, toilet, laundry and any other drain opening,  damaging carpets and floorboards. Raw sewerage also contains harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness therefore care should be taken to prevent personal contact with raw sewage.

Next time you need to dispose of fats, oil and grease, allow it to cool slightly (to avoid burns) and then pour it into a container that won’t melt - such as a tin can or milk carton. Oil can be used multiple times for frying, so consider keeping it and recycling it. Once you’re ready to dispose of it for good, dispose of the container in the rubbish bin. Smaller quantities of oil left on dishes, for example, can be soaked up using paper towels and then put in the rubbish.

Signs you have a blocked drain Sydney

If your toilet is slow to flush, the sink isn’t draining properly or there is a foul smell coming from drain openings within your home, these could be signs of a blocked drain. When multiples plumbing fixtures are blocking up in tandem it could mean there is a more serious blockage further down the line. It’s time to call a plumber before it becomes a serious issue. 

Call a licensed plumber Sydney

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