How much does it cost to clear a blocked drain in Sydney?

Blocked drains Sydney cleared from $99”.

We unblock your drains for only $88*

If you’ve had a blocked drain in Sydney, chances are you’ve seen sales gimmicks like this when searching for a Sydney plumber online. You need to watch out for * asterisks and words like “from” in these types of advertisements, which essentially mean conditions apply. You need to read the fine print.

Many plumbers advertise low prices so they get hired for the job. Once they’ve secured it, they then add additional expenses to the bill such as call out fees, use of specialist machinery and hourly labour costs. It quickly adds up and you could end up paying much more than the initial price that lured you in. These plumbers are not concerned with customer loyalty or repeat business. They simply want to get the job, make money and move on to the next victim.

It’s difficult to put a fixed value on clearing blocked drains in Sydney because so many things affect the price. Here’s some examples.

Blocked drain causes

Sydney blocked drains can occur for any number of reasons and the right solution depends entirely on the cause. A simple blockage caused by organic debris, such as food scraps in the kitchen sink, can be quick and cheap to fix. A blockage in your sewer pipes caused by a solid mass of wet-wipes and grease, will be more difficult and expensive to resolve.

Where is the blockage located?

Blockages can be close to the drain opening (above the s-trap) or further down the line (below the s-trap). Generally speaking, blockages that are located directly above an s-trap, such as hair blocking a shower drain are cheaper to fix than blockages that have made their way into the main lines.   

Sometimes a sewer choke occurring in the public wastewater pipes can cause a blockage in private wastewater pipes. In this situation, it is the responsibility of Sydney Water to pay and have the problem fixed. Any expenses that you have incurred can be reimbursed by filling out a claim form.

The price of different blocked drain solutions

Depending on the extent and impact of any damage, there are a number of blocked drain solutions available. A licensed plumber specialising in drainage work is usually best placed to advise which option is best for you. The below is a general guide for what you can expect to pay for various blockages.

$120 to $200 to repair a simple clogged toilet or kitchen sink

Simple blockages that are located above the s-trap can be cleared without specialist machinery. Plumbers grade caustic acid (requires a plumbing licence to purchase) or a heavy duty plunger is normally enough to resolve the problem. Blocked drains that fall within this category include a shower blocked by hair, a kitchen sink blocked by food scraps or a toilet clogged with organic matter such as excess toilet paper.

$300 to $500 to clear a short stretch of blocked pipes (below the s-trap)

Blockages that are located in the pipes require the use of specialist machinery such as CCTV drain inspection cameras, radio frequency pipe location devices and high-pressured water jets. Examples include blockages caused by tree roots, wet wipes, tampons and grease.

$500 to $3000 to replace a portion of your drainage piping

While it’s possible to clear tree roots using a jet-blaster, the solution is only temporary. Tree roots are attracted to moisture and can seek out cracks or loose joints in pipes. If they managed to get in once, they can get in again. A more permanent solution is to locate and replace the damaged section of pipe. Dig and repair has a higher up front cost than jetting, but new pipes made with modern materials and glued joints can last for decades.

If the blocked drain is caused by a collapse pipe, it must be replaced. No amount of plunging, drain cleaning chemicals or jetting is going to fix the issue. The damaged pipe must be excavated and replaced with new pipe.

$5,000 to $20,000 to replace your entire drainage system

If you have very old clay pipes which are significantly damaged in multiple locations you may need to have your drainage system replaced.

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