Do you have a blocked shower drain? This could be why.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a long, hot shower. But have you ever had your shower ruined by a blocked drain in your Sydney home? Looking down to find your feet soaking in murky drain water can leave you feeling unclean and annoyed.

What causes blocked drains in the shower?

Hair is the main cause of blocked shower drains. According to trichologist Anabel Kingsley, the average person loses between 60 to 100 hairs a day. This number increases when you lather it up with shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Most homeowners don’t realise the sheer volume of hair that falls out over time and ends up in the drain.

There is a common misconception that long hair is the only type of hair that causes blocked drains Sydney, but this simply isn’t the case. Short hair, including body hair and even pet hair all play a part in blocked drains. When hair mixes with oily deposits from our bodies, soap and other debris that makes it’s way down the drain it can get snagged. This snag then creates a trap where even more debris can get trapped, leading to an even larger clog.

How to fix a blocked shower drain

Once drainage problems begin, they will only get worse unless action is taken to fix the blocked drain. It’s always better to physically remove the clog rather than attempting to disolve it using harsh chemicals - it’s faster, more effective and better for your health and the environment. Drain cleaning chemicals are extremely strong and there is a risk of damaging your pipes.

Here are some things to try before enlisting the help of a Sydney plumber.

  1. Pour boiling water down the drain.

  2. Try using a plunger - click here for tips

  3. Use baking soda and vinegar (this is a great natural alternative to chemicals)

  4. If the hair is sitting near the surface, you can take the drain cover off and pull out the clog by hand.

  5. For hair that is further down the line, try using hook made out of a metal coat hanger.

A note of warning to anyone brave enough to tackle the issue themselves - the big slimy clump you pull out of the drain will likely be one of the most shockingly disgusting things you’ll ever lay eyes on. And be prepared for a nasty smell.

How to prevent blocked drains in the shower?

There are a number of ways you can prevent blocked drains Sydney from occurring in the shower. All drains should have covers, but you can go one step further by installing a “hair guard” that can be bought at most hardware stores for under $10. Using liquid soap rather than a bar of soap can also help as it’s less likely that large chunks will make their way into the drain.

Need a Sydney plumber you can count on?

If you’re not having any luck with the DIY methods, or you’d prefer someone else to deal with the mess, JAB Plumbing Solutions are well equiped to fix all types of blocked drains in Sydney. JAB Plumbing Solutions are drainage plumbers specialising exclusively in blocked drains. Our highly trained team carry the latest drain cleaning tools and can get your drainage problems sorted out in a promptly - all at an affordable price.

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