Top tips to prevent blocked stormwater drains in Sydney

Most Sydney residents don't realise that they have a blocked stormwater drain until it's too late. Stormwater drains are built to handle large volumes of water, but they will quickly overflow if there is something restricting the water from getting through. When stormwater drains flood they can damage your home and pose a risk to public health. 

Like most blocked drains, prevention is the best remedy. Here are the top ways to prevent your stormwater drain from getting blocked. 

1. Clean your gutters and downpipes regularly

A common cause of blocked stormwater drains in Sydney is a buildup of sediment such as leaves and debris that has washed down from your gutters. Regularly cleaning out your gutters is a great first step towards preventing a blockage.

2. Install guards and grates

Another way to reduce the risk of stormwater blockages is by installing guards on your gutters and stormwater grates. These guards are designed to catch any leaves and debris and prevent them from entering the lines. It's important to regularly check the grates and remove any leaves and sticks that it has trapped. 

3. Annual pipe cleaning

It's worthwhile investing in annual drain cleaning by a qualified drainage plumber. Jet blasting uses high-pressured water to scrub the inside of pipes clean. It's particularly effective at clearing buildups of mineral deposits, debris or tree roots that have made their way into the stormwater system. Jet blasting is the safest way to clean pipes and it also improves the longevity of your stormwater system which can save you money in the longterm. 

4. Be proactive when you notice the signs

Common signs of a blocked stormwater drain includes water flooding onto your property; surface grates flooding during heavy rain, water gushing out of your downpipes; and gurgling sounds coming from your drains. Seeking professional help as soon as you notice the signs means that the issue can be addressed before it becomes a big problem. Fast action could save you money and limit the potential damage to your home and surrounding property.

5. Correct installation

Stormwater pipes and downpipes should be installed by a licensed plumber. Don't risk DIY and never engage the services of an amateur. It might seem like a cheaper option upfront, but you run the risk of future problems. Tree roots will often penetrate through poorly installed joints or misaligned pipes and will continue to penetrate the pipework no matter how many times they are unblocked.

6. Plant trees away from underground pipes

A common cause of blocked stormwater drains is tree roots which have entered the pipes through a crack or loose joint. Be aware of where your stormwater lines are located and make sure you plant trees approximately three metres away from the pipes. 


If you have a blocked stormwater drain, the experts at JAB Plumbing Solutions offer 24/7 emergency service throughout Sydney. We specialise in drainage and have been assisting Sydney residents with their blocked drains for more than a decade. Our team is fully licensed and equipped with the best drain cleaning technology available. Call 1800 225 552 to speak with an expert today.