7 reasons your toilet keeps getting blocked

Having a blocked toilet is one of the biggest inconveniences you can have in your home or workplace. Not only is it unhygienic, it can potentially cause lasting water damage if it overflows into other areas of your house.

Probably the most frustrating thing about a blocked toilet is it renders your loo useless, which can be a real problem for large families in single bathroom homes. It's something that needs to be repaired quickly to minimise disruption to you life.

Here are some of the main causes of blocked toilets and the ways to avoid them.

1. Too much toilet paper

Putting too much toilet paper into the toilet can cause a blockage because a single flush doesn't always produce enough force to push the paper down the pipe. Some toilet papers are thicker and harder to flush than others, so its important to keep this in mind too. 

How to avoid - try and use the minimal amount of toilet paper necessary. If you feel like you're using a lot, don't be embarrassed to double flush. Flush halfway through and then use more paper. It will save you money and embarrassment in the long run. 

2. Female hygiene products

We are regularly called to clear blocked drains that are caused by female hygiene products being incorrectly disposed of down the toilet. These products are too big and bulky for sewerage systems and they aren't designed to break down like toilet paper.  

How to avoid - always have a bin next to the toilet and dispose of sanitary items in trash.

3. Personal care products

It's not just the ladies who are flushing things down the toilet. Toilets can become blocked if any foreign item is flushed down there, including wet-wipes cotton buds, ear buds and condoms to name a few.

How to avoid - put these things in a bin. 

4. Kids toys

Ever wondered where that ninja turtle went? It's not uncommon for children to flush things down the toilet. They can get trapped in the pipes, resulting in a clog.  

How to avoid - educate your children so that they know not to flush anything apart from toilet paper down the loo.

5. Diapers and baby wipes

Before you scold the kids, make sure the blockage hasn't been caused by a parent flushing nappies or baby wipes. Like sanitary pads, these items are bulky and do not break down when flushed. 

How to avoid - once again, pop these things in the bin not the toilet.

6. Tree roots

Some blockages are caused outside of the home. Tree roots are a common cause of blockages in the main sewer line. Roots are attracted to moisture and can penetrate loose joints or hairline cracks. Once inside, they form root balls that clog the line. This type of blockage should be addressed as soon as possible. Depending on the severity, it could cause raw sewage to spill from gully traps outside or even overflow from the toilet or a basin inside the house.

How to avoid - don't plant trees or shrubs near sewer lines. 

7. Fats oil and grease (FOG)

Grease and fat can build up in your main sewer line over time. When washed down the kitchen sink, grease collects and congeals over time. It coats the pipe walls, clogging the pipe like an artery. Blockages in the main sewer don't just clog the toilet. They block up every plumbing fixture in the house. 

How to avoid - discard of grease and fat in the rubbish bin and don't pour it down the kitchen sink. 

There are many ways that a toilet can become blocked and most of them are easily avoided. If you do get a blocked toilet, JAB Plumbing Solutions are blocked drain experts and service the entire Sydney Metro region. We are based in Five Dock in Sydney's Inner West and we pride ourselves on a fast response time as well as a quick solution to your blockage. Call us now on 1800 22 555 22.