Do supermarket blocked drain cleaning chemicals really work?

Can chemical drain cleaners fix blocked drains in Sydney?

Blocked drains Sydney and blocked toilets can happen at any time and cause major inconvenience in your home or at your business premises. It’s no surprise that people want the problem fixed as quickly as possible. While DIY supermarket solutions are cheap and readily accessible, they aren’t necessary the most effective. It all depends on the type of blockage. So what actually works?

Blocked drain cleaning chemicals

You can buy a range of products from the supermarket in the form of gels, liquids and powders. They vary in terms of price and the time they take to work. Choosing the right drain cleaner can be a tedious task, particularly when all of the products use clever marketing to make bold statements about their own effectiveness. These products occasionally work on minor blockages, but you should consider these things before purchase:

Effectiveness: Make sure you choose the right one for the job. If you have a blocked toilet, look for a product that is made specifically for blocked toilets. The chemicals that are designed to clear a build up of toilet paper, may not necessarily work on tough grease if you have a blocked sink in the kitchen. Some claim to be “all purpose”, but this normally isn’t the case.

Read reviews: There is no better way to assess the potency of a product than by reading the reviews of customers who have tried it. You can find reviews for Mr Muscle, Drain Clean, White Knight and other products here. A quick look at these reviews suggest that you get what you pay for. While supermarket drain chemicals are cheap, many customers complain that they don’t fix the problem.

Toxic: Almost every product on the market is chemically based. They need to be handled with the utmost of care, so always wear gloves and protective gear. Keep them away from children and pets. They are also detrimental to the environment.

Damage: Because the chemicals are so strong, if you live in an older house with ancient pipes, there is a risk of damage occurring. If the pipes are damaged, the results could be very expensive if a plumber needs to replace the pipes.

Time: These products can take time to start working, with some customer reviews stating that it’s taken two bottles over a 12 hour period to start seeing results. If you want the problem fixed fast, with the knowledge that it will be completely cleared, you may want to consider hiring a professional plumber to do the job.

When to use a licensed plumber Sydney

Using a licensed plumber to unblock a clogged drain or toilet may be more expensive than supermarket products. However, you can rest assured that the blockage will be fixed properly and quickly.

JAB Plumbing Solutions are experts in the field and we are equipped with the latest drain clearing equipment. We have CCTV cameras to locate the blockage and determine the cause, and we have high-pressured water jet blasters that can clear even the most stubborn blockages.

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Tips to avoid blocked drains

Most blockages aren’t just a matter of bad luck. They are caused when items that aren’t meant to be in there build up. Here are some ways to prevent blocked drains from occurring:

  • Don’t use too much toilet paper

  • Don’t flush nappies, wet-wipes or sanitary items down the toilet

  • Don’t pour large amounts of fats, oil and grease down the sink

  • Make sure your children don’t flush toys or other objects down the toilet