Is it time to get your drains cleaned by a Sydney drain plumber?

Getting your Sydney blocked drains cleaned

Neglecting the maintenance of your drains can be a costly error. Consider all the food scraps, hair, soap residue and other foreign debris that gets washed or flushed down the drain on a daily basis. These items accumulate in your plumbing pipes over time and can cause a blocked drain. Getting your drains regularly cleaned by a Sydney plumber can fix minor clogs before they turn into a major issue.

How does drain cleaning work?

Sydney drainage plumbers use jet blasters (aka water jetters) to clean the inside of plumbing pipes. These machines use high-pressured water to propel along the length of the pipe, scrubbing the interior walls clean in the process. The long reaching hose can be fitted with a variety of cutting heads that are designed to remove different kinds of sediment, such as tree roots or grease. If your pipes are otherwise healthy (eg no cracks or sagging) drain cleaning will restore them to full functionality.

How frequently should you get your Sydney drains cleaned?

The need for drain cleaning depends on a number of factors, including the age of your plumbing pipes and the frequency of use. For example, the drains in a commercial kitchen will need to be cleaned more regularly than the drains of a small family home. If your plumbing pipes are in overall good health, most plumbers would suggest that having them cleaned once a year is enough to ensure the pipes remain healthy and free from clogs.

If you’ve had tree roots cleared from your plumbing pipes in the past, the frequency should be increased to twice a year. Tree roots make their way into plumbing pipes through hairline cracks or loose joints. Even after they have been cleared, the tree roots will eventually re-enter the pipes because they are attracted to the moisture and minerals present. Having your pipes jet blasted twice a year will remove the roots before they have opportunity to grow too long and block the drain entirely.

The tree root infestation in this Sydney sewer pipe was so bad that the pipes needed to be excavated and replaced. Biannual drain cleaning could have prevented this problem before the pipes were beyond repair.

The tree root infestation in this Sydney sewer pipe was so bad that the pipes needed to be excavated and replaced. Biannual drain cleaning could have prevented this problem before the pipes were beyond repair.

For drains that are already partially blocked, it’s important to schedule drain cleaning as soon as possible. Waiting until the pipe is completely blocked before calling a plumber can quickly turn into a plumbing emergency. Sewage that is unable to pass freely through the pipes will backup into your home, often through multiple drain openings. Overflowing sewage not only spreads harmful bacteria throughout your home, it can also cause lasting water damage to floors and carpets.

The below warning signs could suggest an imminent blockage in your home or business and it’s important to call a Sydney blocked drain plumber as soon as possible.

1. Gurgling sounds in the pipes

If you notice gurgling sounds in the pipes when you flush the toilet or use a sink, this is a sign that the water is being restricted and is unable to make its way through the pipes. As the water struggles to get past the blockage, bubbles flow out to the nearest available vent creating a gurgling sound.

2. Persistent, bad smell coming from drain openings

Bad smells emanating from drain openings is often indicative blockage developing in the pipes. In particular, decomposing food and congealed oil can cause an unpleasant odour. If the smell is only coming from one drain, it’s a local clog which could be cleared by pouring some boiling water down the sink. If the smell is coming from multiple drain openings you could be dealing with a blockage in the main sewer line outside of your home.

3. Slow draining water

Slow draining water is another sign that you need your drains cleaned in the near future. Bath and toilet water should create a whirlpool motion above the drain to indicate it is flowing efficiently, whereas showers should only take a second or two to empty once you’ve turned off the water. If any of your plumbing fixtures take longer than usually to drain, it’s a sign that debris is blocking the pipeline.

Need your Sydney drains cleaned? Call Sydney’s blocked drain experts

JAB Plumbing Solutions specialise in blocked drains. Our team receive ongoing training in the latest tools and methods and we offer same-day service for emergency blocked drains throughout Sydney and the Inner West. All of our trucks are fitted with high-pressured jet blasting machine so we can begin the drain cleaning process as soon as we arrive at your home or business. For more information or to request a free quote, call our Sydney plumber on 1800 225 552.