Six signs you have a broken sewer line on your Sydney property

What is a broken sewer pipe?

There is a big difference between a blocked sewer line and a broken sewer line in your Sydney home. Most clogged sewers can be cleared quickly using high-pressured water jetting. However, if the pipe is sagging, broken or cracked the sewer line will need to be excavated and replaced with new pipes.

Many older homes in Sydney are prone to cracked or damaged sewer pipes. While they are sought after for their charm and character, the materials that were used during their construction may deteriorate over time. In particular, clay pipes and metal pipes are prone to cracks and corrosion.

So what are the tell-tale signs of a broken sewer pipe in your Sydney home?

1 - Cracks in the foundations or walls of your home

If there is a leak in your underground sewer lines, water seepage can gradually wash away the underpinnings and cause cracks to appear in the walls of your home. A CCTV drain inspection of your sewer pipes can determine whether a broken sewer line is causing the issue.

2 - Unusually green patches on your lawn

The sewage that leaks out of a broken sewer pipe is full of nutrients that act as a fertiliser for grass. A cracked pipe will help the grass in the immediate area to thrive. If you notice unusual green patches on your lawn near your underground pipes, it’s important to get them inspected by a Sydney drainage plumber.

3 - Smelly, wet areas on your lawn

If there is water pooling on your Sydney property without a foul odour, it could be a burst water line or a blocked stormwater drain. However, if there are soggy spots on your lawn, accompanied by pests and a persistent bad smell it’s most likely coming from a broken sewer pipe.

4 - Mould or mildew in your home

A broken sewer pipes inside your home can lead to dampness and mould. If left unchecked, moisture from a broken sewer line can cause damage to your home's interior, exterior, or foundation.

5 - Sewer gases

A sewer pipe that is functioning correctly should never cause bad odours in your home. If you notice a persistent foul smell it could be the result of a cracked sewer pipe that is allowing the gases to escape. Even though sewer gas can wind up in your home for other reasons - including a blocked drain - a strong sewer smell can be an indication of a broken line and should be checked by a plumbing professional.

6 - Multiple plumbing fixtures are blocking up

A local clog inside the home is isolated to a single plumbing fixture. In other words, it will only impact one drain. If multiple plumbing fixtures are getting blocked it means there is an issue with the main sewer line outside of your home. Any problems with the main sewer line - whether its a damaged pipe or blockage - will need to be assessed and repaired by a blocked drain expert.

Broken sewer line repairs

If you suspect a broken sewer pipe, the first step is to call a licensed Sydney plumber. JAB Plumbing Solutions can inspect the inside of pipes using CCTV drain cameras to determine the exact cause of your sewer problems. If there is a broken, cracked or dislodged pipe our experienced plumbers can replace the damaged section of pipe for you. If the issue turns out to be a blockage we can clear the line using high-pressured jet blasting machines. For more information about our Sydney blocked sewer repairs call 1800 225 552.