Five easy ways to prevent Sydney blocked drains caused by hair

How to avoid blocked shower drains

Did you know that hair is a major cause of blocked drains in Sydney bathrooms? While it may seem too delicate to cause serious issues for your drainage, hair can get snagged in the sewer pipes and combine with other materials such as soap scum or grease. Hair can collect on the interior walls of the pipes, building up over time until the pipe becomes blocked.

Below are 5 simple tools that can help you keep your drains running free of the restraint of clogs from hair, soap, and debris that can clog your drain pipes.

Shower hair catcher

One of the main Sydney drains that gets clogged by hair is the shower drain. On average, people lose around 60-100 hairs every day, and plenty of this goes down the drain when we wash our hair in the shower.

A shower hair catcher can be purchased cheaply from most hardware stores, including Bunnings, which sells them in packs of 10 for $7.90. They’re easy to instal and catch hair before it goes down the drain, keeping your shower drain clear of hair and other debris that might cause a blockage.

Basin hair strainer

You can also buy hair strainers for other drains around the house. They are useful for bathroom sinks, bath drains and laundry basins. Hair catchers allow water to pass through without interruption while catching hair and other items that might clog your drains. You can buy them for around $5, which is a small investment when compared to the expense of repairing a clogged drain.

Brush your hair before showering

Another great way to prevent hair from going into your bathroom drains in to brush your hair before showering. Brushing removes the majority of loose hair that would otherwise come out while you’re washing it. It’s the simplest way of preventing hair from entering your drain pipes and it’s completely free.

Beard clippings catcher

There is a common misconception that long hair is the only type of hair that causes blocked drains. However, short hair such as body hair and even beard trimmings all play a part in clogging Sydney drains. When hair mixes with oily deposits from our bodies, soap and other debris that makes it’s way down the drain it can get snagged.

The “Clippings Catcher” is a piece of cloth that secures around the back of your neck when you are trimming your beard. The front section sticks to the mirror with two suction cups, draping over the sink and catching any hair. Instead of the trimmings getting washed down the sink, you can dispose of the hairs easily in the bin.

The “Clippings Catcher”catches beard trimmings before they go down the drain causing a blockage. Photo credit:    The Shaver Shop

The “Clippings Catcher”catches beard trimmings before they go down the drain causing a blockage. Photo credit: The Shaver Shop

Washing machine lint filter

Most washing machines come fitted with lint filters that are designed to catch hair, lint and pet fur that gets stuck to your clothing. The washer lint filter should be cleaned at least four times per year to keep your machine working its best and reduce the amount of debris goes down the drain. You can find some tips on cleaning a lint filter here.

Need help with a Sydney blocked drain?

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