Why you should hire a professional blocked drain plumber when things go wrong

The first thing most people do when they discover a blocked drain in Sydney is look up the name of a local plumber. While all plumbers should have the necessary skills to clear a blocked drain, they can’t all deliver results. When they don’t, property owners are left frustrated and out of pocket. Here are a number of reasons why should call an expert drainage plumber.

1. They have invested in the best equipment

The latest drain cleaning technology is very expensive and not all plumbers choose to invest in these tools. Top-of-the-line drain cameras cost upwards of $5,000 and jet blasters can cost in excess of $12,000. In addition to the initial outlay, they are also very expensive to maintain and require regular servicing and replacement parts.

Because of these upfront and ongoing expenses, many plumbers prefer to sub-contract their blocked drain jobs to specialist drainage plumbers. It’s much cheaper for customers to by-pass the middle man and hire the drainage experts themselves.

2. The right tools mean fast and effective results

Having access to the right tools means that drainage plumbers can resolve the problem quickly. With the exception of blockages caused by collapsed pipes, the majority of clogs can be cleared with a jet blaster in one or two hours.

Once the blockage is cleared a drain camera can be sent down the line to ensure the blockage has been completely removed. It’s also a great way of checking for any problem areas in the pipes. Without this technology, a plumber could fail to address the underlying cause and the drain is likely to clog again in the future.

3. It’s better for your pipes

Older and cheaper drain cleaning technology such as electric eels (aka drain snakes) can cause damage to pipes. An electric eel uses friction to clear blockages, using a cable that spins around inside of the pipes. If it spins against one area of pipe for too long, it can crack or cause holes to appear.

Because Jet blasting uses high-pressured water to clear the blockage, it is much safer for your pipes. In fact, jet blasting is actually good for pipes, prolonging the life of your home’s drainage system. Years of sediment build-up, congealed grease and other foreign matter can damage your pipes over time. Jet-blasting not only removes the offending clog, it also scrubs the entire length of pipe clean in the process, improving longevity.

4. Fast results means bigger savings for the customer

Access to drain cameras saves time on troubleshooting and allows for targeted results that get to the root of the problem. Jet blasting is also incredibly quick and much less labour intensive that electric eels. The quicker it takes to resolve a blocked drain issue, the lower the cost of repairs.

Call the blocked drain experts today

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