When to call a Sydney Emergency Plumber

When things go wrong with your plumbing in the middle of the night, it can feel like an emergency even when it's not. It’s tempting to pick up the phone and call a Sydney emergency plumber who will fix the problem right away. However, knowing when to call an emergency plumber and when to call a routine plumber is very important. 

If it is an emergency that poses a risk to you and your home, you need a 24 hour Sydney plumber who is available to help right away. Alternatively, if the problem can wait until normal business hours you can avoid the higher fees associated with an after hours call out. 

What’s the difference between routine plumbers and Sydney emergency plumbers?

Routine plumbers are available during regular business hours. Emergency plumbers, on the other hand, are on call 24 hours a day and will come to your property at any time, including on public holidays and weekends. Both kinds of plumbers are fully qualified to perform plumbing work, the main difference is the hours they work.

When deciding what kind of plumber to call, there are a few questions you can ask yourself.

  1. Do you need to use the affected plumbing fixture right away?
  2. Is the plumbing facility essential to the health and wellbeing of my family?
  3. Is there raw sewage overflowing from plumbing fixtures?
  4. Is there a risk of flooding or water damage to your property?
  5. Can you smell gas?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should call an emergency plumber as soon as possible. Ignoring a plumbing emergency is not only bad for your plumbing system, it can also risk the health of your family. In particular, overflowing sewage or gas leaks can be dangerous for your health. They can also cause lasting damage to your property.

Examples of plumbing emergencies

Examples of routine plumbing issues

  • Dripping or leaking taps
  • Gurgling sounds in the pipes
  • Slow draining toilet or sink
  • Toilet that won’t flush properly

If you’re still unsure, make sure you call a Sydney plumbing company and ask for their advice. When it comes to your home and health, it’s better to err on the side of caution. JAB Plumbing Solutions offer both regular and emergency plumbing services to Sydney residents and our plumbers are happy to answer any questions you have.