Five reasons to book a CCTV drain inspection today

Do you know what’s going on inside your underground drains? Most people give little thought to their plumbing system. However, there are a number of benefits to knowing what’s happening inside your pipes. Here are five reasons to book a CCTV drain inspection today.

Repair minor issues before they become a big problem

Problems with pipes and blocked drains only get worse with time. Take the example of a hairline crack in the sewer pipes. At first a tiny crack may not seem like a big problem. However, tree roots are attracted to moisture and they can enter even the smallest crack. Once inside, tree roots will continue to grow down the line, eventually forming an impenetrable mass within the pipes. Early intervention by an experienced drainage plumber can reduce the damage caused and lower the cost of repairs.

You have plants near the pipes

As mentioned above, tree roots are attracted to the moisture in plumbing pipes and can cause irreparable damage once inside. If you have trees and shrubs anywhere near your sewer line, it’s a smart idea to organise regular camera inspections.

A badly damaged plumbing pipe filled with tree roots that caused a Sydney blocked drain.

It’s inexpensive

Drain inspections are a relatively cheap service when compared to major blocked drain repairs. In addition to the cost of repairs, a major blocked drain in the sewer line can cause flooding in your home and release toxic gases. A drain inspection is a cheap way to identify any problems in the sewer line before it causes extensive damage to your home and your health.

Buying a new home

Most home buyers pay for a pest and building inspection before they purchase the property. Drain inspections, however, are not part of this inspection process and are often overlooked by buyers. Many older homes have old ceramic and metal pipes which are prone to collapse or corrosion over time. Drain repairs can be costly, particularly if the whole system needs to be replaced. Buying a home is a big investment so it makes sense to know exactly what condition the pipes are in before you sign any contracts.


Before any renovations commence it’s important to get a comprehensive CCTV drain inspection. The inspection can provide a clear outline of where all the pipes and drains are located on your property. This information is essential to the design of your project and construction plans. The last thing you want is for an excavator to hit a main sewer line on your property.

How does a drain inspection work?

CCTV drain inspection cameras have revolutionised the plumbing industry, taking the guesswork out of blocked drains and pipe repairs. These high-tech cameras are attached to a flexible rod designed to go deep inside underground sewer and stormwater pipes. By analysing the video, an expert drainage plumber can identify any problem areas and recommend specific drain repairs.

Book an inspection today

As expert drainage plumbers, JAB Plumbing Solutions have invested in the best CCTV drain cameras available. We offer our Sydney customers a detailed report and a full-colour video of the drain inspection. If any problem areas or damage is identified, we offer a range of targeted solutions designed to rectify the issue in a safe and affordable way. For more information or to book a free quote, call 1800 225 552.