How to prevent your stormwater drain from flooding when it rains

A blocked stormwater drain on your Sydney property can quickly turn into a plumbing emergency. When working correctly, your stormwater system can carry huge amounts of water safely away from your property when it rains. If the pipe becomes completely blocked, the water has no where to go and your property can flood. This can lead to expensive water damage and stagnant water carries bacteria that can be harmful to your family.

Preventing a stormwater drain from flooding is simple. It requires routine maintenance around the yard, as well as informed decisions when planting new trees. When done regularly, these simple maintenance tips only take up a small amount of time and will save you the stress of a blocked stormwater drain. 

Maintaining down-pipes and gutters

Routinely cleaning out your downpipes and gutters is an important part of preventing blocked stormwater drains in your Sydney home. Once a month, put some time aside to clear out any leaves, sticks, dirt and debris that has gathered in the gutters. If you don’t have time, you can hire someone to clean out the gutters. Keeping them in working order will save you money in the long-run by preventing expensive blocked drain repairs.

Spot checking stormwater grates

Every week, do a quick check of your stormwater grates and clear out any sticks and leaves that have fallen to prevent them from entering the drain. This is particularly important if you have deciduous plants in your garden that periodically shed their leaves. Overtime, leaf matter decays and joins other sediment in the pipes such as dirt and sand. This compost-like sludge can result in slow draining water, back-ups and costly repairs. Removing debris will only take a few minutes and it will improve the performance of your stormwater system.

Annual jet-blasting

Jet-blasting is a safe and affordable method for maintaining the health of underground drain pipes. It can blast through all kinds of sediment built-up in a matter of minutes, flushing your pipes clean before a blockage can occur. It’s effective for both stormwater and sewer drains and is great way to keep your plumbing system running smoothly throughout the year.

Plant trees away from pipes

Tree roots are a major cause of blocked stormwater drains in Sydney. Roots are attracted to the moisture and nutrients inside of pipes and they can seek out even the smallest hairline crack in pipes. If you’re planning on planting new trees or shrubs in the garden, make sure you plant them at least three metres away from underground plumbing pipes. It’s also a good idea to avoid large plant species with extensive root systems, such as willows, poplars, rubbers trees, fig tree and camphor laurels.

Copper sulphate  

Flushing small amounts of copper sulfate down your toilet on a monthly basis is a simple way to prevent tree roots from seeking our your stormwater pipes. Copper sulphate is poisonous to trees so they will avoid them. Be aware that this is a corrosive substance, so use a small amount (less than half a cup each month) and make sure it’s administered through the toilet only.

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