Everything you need to know about high-pressure drain cleaning

High-pressure drain cleaning Sydney

High-pressure drain cleaning, also known as jet blasting, hydro jetting or water jetting is the number one method for clearing Sydney blocked drains. If you have a blocked drain and are looking to hire a Sydney plumber, make sure you ask them if they own a jet blaster. Some plumbers still use outdated methods of drain cleaning such as drain snakes. Drain snakes are made of metal and use friction to unblock drains. They are notorious for causing damage to pipes, particularly older clay pipes.

What is jet blasting and how does it work

Jet blasting uses high-pressured water to blast blocked drains free from clogs. The machine comes with a long reaching hose and a number of different nozzle attachments suitable for cutting through different types of blockages including tree roots, grease and general sediment buildup. The pressure of the water propels the hose along the inside of pipes scrubbing the interior walls clean in the process.

Benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning

  • Hydro jetting removes virtually all traces of sediment from the line;

  • Jet blasting is safer for pipes because it doesn’t use friction or harsh chemicals;

  • Water jetting is fast-acting and the majority of clogs can be removed in one or two hours;

  • Jet blasting is suitable for all different kinds of plumbing pipes including PVC pipes, clay pipes, metal pipes, interior pipes and subterraneous pipes that are located under the ground;

  • Hydro jetting is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t rely on noxious chemicals;

  • Annual or biannual drain cleaning can protect your plumbing pipes from blockages before they occur, which can save you thousands of dollars in drain repairs.

Can jet blasting get rid of tree roots blocking the sewer or stormwater drains?

Water jetting can effectively remove minor tree root infestations in the outside sewer or stormwater lines. However, because only the end of the root is removed, they will eventually grow back. Tree roots are attracted to moisture inside plumbing pipes and will continue to seek out cracks in the pipes. If there is only a minor crack, regular jet blasting will keep the roots at bay. This can be a much more cost-effective solution that having the pipes excavated and replaced due to a small hairline crack. Make sure the plumber sends a CCTV drain inspection camera down the pipe following any high-pressured drain cleaning service to make sure there is no major damage to the pipes caused by the tree roots.

How much does high-pressure drain cleaning cost?

Most plumbers charge around $300-$350 for the first hour of high-pressured drain cleaning. If the blockage is minor (ie there is no serious tree root problem or major damage to the pipes) the clog can often be cleared in around an hour. So you may not need to pay any more than that. For subsequent hours, you can expect to pay around $100-$200 per hour.

This might seem expensive at first glance, but high-pressure drain cleaning is a premium service with a host of benefits over other drain cleaning options. Jet blasters cost plumbers around $6,000-$15,000 to purchase. They are a big investment and they require ongoing servicing and maintenance. Replacing badly damaged pipes will be much more expensive than drain cleaning. So think of it as an investment in the health of your drains.

Why should you call a drainage specialist when dealing with Sydney blocked drains?

When dealing with blocked drains it’s really important to employ a blocked drain specialist who has a jet blasting machine and CCTV drain inspection tools. Plumbing is a broad trade and regular plumbers may not have the tools or experience to deal with complicated blocked drains at your Sydney home. JAB Plumbing Solutions often receive calls from distressed customers, who have paid another plumber to fix a blocked drain - and the blockage has come back. Plumbers who specialise in blocked drain can address the issue at a foundational level so that it doesn’t come back.

How to keep your drains free from blockages following a high-pressured drain cleaning service

Once you’ve had your drains cleaned it makes sense to keep them free from clogs. The worst thing you can do is to start flushing tampons or wet-wipes down the toilet or pouring grease down the kitchen sink. While drain cleaning services often come with a quality guarantee, this does not apply to situations where the homeowner has continued to dispose of foreign items down drains and sinks. Placing things like food scraps, oil, sanitary items, makeup wipes etc into the bin will protect your drains from blockages.

Click here for a list of things that should never be washed / flushed down the drain.

Call Sydney’s leading blocked drain experts JAB Plumbing Solutions

At JAB Plumbing Solutions we have dedicated the past 10 years to perfecting the art of drain installation and blocked drain repairs. We focus exclusively on blocked drains and as a result we have become proficient and skilled in this field. Our team receive ongoing training in the latest drain cleaning methods and all of our Sydney plumbing trucks are fully fitted with jet blasting machines and CCTV drain inspection cameras.