Five blocked drain myths every homeowner should know about

When it comes to the health of your drains, being aware of a few common misconceptions can save you money and stress. Here are five common myths about drains that every homeowner should know about.

1. Blocked drains can be cleared for $99

Many Sydney plumbing companies advertise low prices in their online campaigns in an effort to generate leads. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest consumer cons going around and it’s common for customers to get ripped off after hiring a plumbing company that offers very low prices.

In reality blocked drains can be complex. The cost of repairing the drain will depend heavily on where the clog is located and what’s causing it. Only the most minor blockages, such as those that can be cleared with a plunger, are cheap to fix. Anything that requires specialist equipment, such as jet blasters or drain cameras, will always cost more than $99.

A quick and cheap fix isn’t always a good fix. A reliable plumber will put in the time and effort to investigate the underlying cause of a blocked drain. For example, a blocked toilet is often a sympton of a bigger problem, such a tree roots in the undergound sewer line. While any plumber can fix the toilet temporarily, if the pipe isn’t repaired to prevent tree roots from re-entering the line it will only get blocked again down the track.

Paying the extra money to get the drain fixed properly in the short-term will save you money down the track because small problems can be eliminated before they become a major issue.

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2. Drain cleaning chemicals are safe for pipes

Instead of calling a qualified drainage plumber, homeowners will often try using a store-bought chemical cleaner first. While DIY drain cleaners are cheap and readily accessible, they aren’t necessarily good for your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are made from dangerous, highly corrosive substances that can damage your pipes. This is particularly true for older homes with old metal and ceramic pipes.

If the pipes get damaged, the cost of replacing them will far exceed what it would have cost to hire a plumber to clear the initial blockage. Furthermore, chemicals won’t work on tough blockages such as those caused by tree root infestation or collapsed pipes. A drainage plumber has the equipment to investigate the cause of the blocked drain and can recommend appropriate repairs based on this.

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3. Every plumber can repair a blocked drain

While all plumbers have basic drainage skills, expert drain plumbers are much better equipped to handle blocked drains in Sydney. They have the tools and experience to diagnose the problem and commence repairs right away.

Drain cameras and jet blasters are very expensive to buy, so many plumbers choose not to invest in these tools. In fact, many regular plumbers sub-contract out their blocked drain work to drainage plumbers. The drainage plumber will invoice the regular plumber, who then adds a mark-up on the price that they pass on to you, the customer. It’s much cheaper for customers to by-pass the middle man and hire a drainage expert themselves.

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4. It’s okay to wash cooking oils and grease down the sink

Grease and oil are one of the biggest causes of blocked drains in Sydney homes. Many people are simply unaware of how bad grease is for plumbing pipes. When grease gets washed down the kitchen sink it sticks to the sides of pipes and other debris. Even the smallest amount of grease from dirty dishes can build up over time until the pipes become completely blocked.

To avoid blocked drains caused by grease, make sure you wipe oily dishes with a paper towel before washing, and dispose of the towel in the bin or compost. For larger volumes of oil including oil used for deep frying, let it cool and then pour it into a sealable container and put it in the bin.

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All blocked drains are the same

Even though all the drains inside your home lead to the outside sewer line, they don’t all work the same. There are several different types of pipes, each with their own characteristics. When a drain is blocked, the right repairs depend on correctly identifying the location, the cause and the severity of the clog. Attempting to fix the issue without proper knowledge of these factors will be futile, and can even lead to more serious problems.

Calling a blocked drain expert as soon as you notice the signs of a blockage will reduce the complexity and cost of repairs. JAB Plumbing Solutions have many years experience clearing blocked drains, including clogged toilets, sewers, sinks, showers and stormwater drains. Our plumbers are very skilled at identifying the cause and providing solutions that address the root of the problem. Give our friendly team a call on 1800 225 552 and ask for a free quote today.